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We live in the foothills west of Boulder, Colorado. We share our home, our love, and our lives with a few Bernese.  Most are shown in conformation, most have pulled a cart, most are obedient, several are therapy dogs but all of them are our dear pets living in the house from puppyhood through old age.  Our house and yard are set up to make the dogs comfortable in the heat of summer,  romping in the snow, or taking long walks  in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.   We don’t know who is luckier!

I saw my first Bernese in 1974, while at my first dog show with my Golden Retriever puppy.  It was not until fifteen years later that I was able to bring a Bernese into our lives.  “Harpo” and I learned the wonderful world of pure bred dogs and Bernese in particular.  We entered the second (ever) BMDCA Draft Test, we learned the in’s and out’s of conformation,  and also the steady pace of obedience. After Harpo came Isabel, Greyson, Samantha, Brigette, Stollen, Marge, Rumba and many more.  Each, in their own way, has taught us new lessons bringing their unique personalities into our lives.

Since starting this journey with our first Bernese, we have bred twenty, or so, litters.  We strive to produce structurally sound puppies with solid temperaments.  With each generation we hope to improve our dogs and ultimately the Breed.  Since we do not breed often, we enjoy each litter that is born in our house and the friendships that develop with our ever expanding puppy families. We currently live with five Bernese and two cats.

So as you can see, we are very committed to the health, heart and soul of the Bernese Mountain Dog.  A Bernese should look like it can pull a cart, needs a solid temperament, and foremost must be a true companion.

Christine & Michael Mann
Tel: 303-443-2837

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